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As a prosaic poetics would posit, B would not have happened without A (with A being negative in the realm of outcomes and occurrences and B being positive). We tell ourselves these stories all the time. But it’s not a matter of one singularity leading to another. It’s multiplicity, with a single person in the […]

I don’t want to hear any more about “fast-paced, high-energy environments.” These job descriptions make the experience sound like being locked in a bucks booth and forced to grab frantically at all the fleeting, flying, maddeningly fluttering cash. Maybe I don’t want your damn cash (I do, at least some of it, but not at […]

Work for a man with no sense of past. Another thought about time last night but I can’t recall. It was a good thought, in another register, not my usual. Anymore, these only come in dreams. Short prose-poetry cuts in and speaks a demanding Dostoevskian poetics of opening. At least as much is revealed through […]

The Midwest isn’t as charming as many of its inhabitants seem to believe. It’s insular and folksy and nativistic. It’s welcoming to newcomers, so long as they’re willing to incorporate themselves under a mutual disdain for/dependence upon the weather and a vital middleness in nearly all its forms. Placement, outlook, class-identification, cuisine. It looks in, […]

In my first full week of unemployment since, I don’t know, maybe 2010, I applied for roughly 7,000 jobs and realized I should start titling these little dailies. That’s about it. If any of you out there want my résumé, you can’t havé it. Unless, of course, you’d like to cut it up into a […]

Well, I suppose this is the gist of it. Some stuff on weekdays and other stuff on the weekends. And audiences. People who read my weekday stuff may choose to also read my other stuff. Or vice versa. It’s the versa I enjoy, though a little vice can too be nice. The problem with writing […]

The reading list is getting longer and stranger. By “the” I mean “my.” How about a list? Everyone likes lists: The Idiot, Fyodor Known and Strange Things, Teju Cole South of the Border, West of the Sun, Murakami The Complete Fairy Tales, Grimm The Great Enigma, Tomas Tranströmer The Captive Mind, Miłosz Guermantes Way (for […]