Well, I don’t regret it.  

3 thoughts on “reviewed

  1. Most of the triumphant writers today had collected a mound of those slips. They claim growing a very thick skin is essential to the business. You can only keep submitting if getting published means a lot to you. You’re still very young; there’s enough time for the right people to find you someday soon. Don’t lose heart. What am I saying 🙂 …, you already know these things of course 🙂 .

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  2. I remember reading Stephen King’s on writing and him talking about how many of those slips he received. There is beauty in persistence with working on your craft whether they say yes or no or nothing at all. You keep at it mate.

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    1. Agreed, and thank you, my faraway friend. I’ve so far kept them all, and thought yesterday it might be fun to create a page on this blog dedicated to tracking rejections (and, eventually, acceptances), highlighting how they’re phrased, just for fun. A sort of ethnographic study in ways to say “no,” but without all that dull ethnography.

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