from the doctor’s, 2017

Hello again, my dear uncertain someones,

I should’ve said every other week or so, yes, and been clearer. A weekly update letter may just be too much when there’s so much to say and so many words in the way but here we are and ain’t that a contradiction. Wrote a thing recently called “ambiguation,” though, so perhaps it’s no surprise.

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Dear All Of You,

It is Saturday in the realm of writing stuff. My Saturday writing stuff realm thought is: maybe I should write about writing stuff instead of writing stuff for a few minutes, but like a letter, at least once a week, like on Saturday. Or Saturdays, as in more than just this one. Everybody does it and I should do more of what everybody does. It’s a daily battle between “is” and “should,” though. Not weekly.

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This is my new standard cover letter for fiction and non-fiction submissions alike.

Dear Editors,

Please accept my short piece of shit, “Short Piece of Shit,” for publication in your piece of shit journalmagazinesite. I think you will find it intellectually stimulating and evocative and also notice that it smells nice in the morning fresh out of bed.

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