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Since it’s the last day of the current month and we’re on the topic of great ideas on Sunday mornings, let’s flash back to the last day of the previous month. On the morning of Sunday, December 31, 2017 I had a thought as I listened to a Paris Review podcast in bed: I should do podcasts. Of my work. Maybe weekly. So, three thoughts, to be precise-er. And another of those “shoulds.” And on New Year’s Eve, no less.

People like podcasts. Maybe they’d like mine, and my silky smooth voice. It could distract them from the content and then everyone wins. Maybe a prize at the end. Maybe.* A month has passed and I’m no closer to podcasting, though I’d estimate that I’ve thought about this approximately eight times since the last day of last year.


*There will be no prize at the end. Just deep, enduring satisfaction.

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