M is the editor of no magazines (print or online) and does not hold an academic post at Any University. He used to live in Columbus, OH, where he drove a navy blue Buick Electra which was assembled before the Berlin Wall was dismantled and was not his first car but his second, and greatly loved by the ladies. He is the recipient of awards and the author of many books, short stories, essays, and prose-poems, most of which are better than anything James Franco has written. His novel, All That Remains Is a Desert: A History of a Man’s Search to Understand His World and Himself, has been called “long and ranging, of uncertain page length and word count.” It may or may not be published. He does not live in Paris with his wife. He lives in Chicago and has lately been known to suggest that there are no writers there, only businesspeople, politicians, police, and everyone else. In that order.

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I write things about stuff, and sometimes stuff about things. Depends on the day.