meantime we will express our darker purposes

The patio overlooked my fantasy but we sat inside and had overcooked fish. Clinking glasses of white wine: Here’s to hoping you’d be someone you’re not, she said—or was that me? I’m trying to be more definitive but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice a silhouette in the upstairs window of the shadow-dappled brick building across the street where I could swear I once heard knocking. The young woman sold hand-made shawls at the street fair down below while the hot afternoon lay syrupy like nostalgia and poplar seeds fell like snow, but like usual, I didn’t need cover, only more sets of eyes. The churchbells ring at noon and nothing changes, just what we’re trying to be. Absence is at least not nothing. From it we derive the existence of all else.


Originally published a couple days ago on Hijacked Amygdala.

2 thoughts on “meantime we will express our darker purposes

  1. It’s lovely, M. Although I wonder if I’d ever see you write again here the way you used to. The old days when you wrote in long form and heart-crushing kind 🙂 . How are you doing these days?

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate you saying this. I’m not sure if my style has changed or if this is just something I’m doing for now. Maybe those are one in the same. Either way, I’m doing alright, still writing as much as possible, still trying to make it. I hope you’re well


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